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Greater Manchester based Heatrod Industrial is the UK’s leading manufacturer of heating elements and associated process heating equipment required for your industrial heating applications. Having recently moved into a brand new, environmentally conscious production facility in Bolton we are uniquely positioned to provide electric products and solutions using manufacturing processes which are sympathetic to our precious environment. "Renewable ways to make renewable energy friendly equipment".

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  • Ever wished you had more space in your tank - Electrojet
    Fitted with BRAUDE Polaris heaters, the ELECTROJET external electric tank heater is designed to stand next to the process tank leaving more space in your tank. Fitted with PTFE electric elements housed in a cylinder, using corrosion resistant polymers throughout the construction.

  • Modular heaters - Marine
    A sticky situation...It is well-known that Braude are a leading specialist manufacturer of acid proof equipment for heating and cooling of corrosive liquids. Our range of products is used in various industries where aggressive liquids are found ranging from galvanising, aerospace, metal finishing and electropolishing, to name but a few... what is not so well-known is that our heaters are often used for more serene and gentle applications in commercial marine environments, such as Sea Life Centres.

  • Electric Heating and Clean Energy - the perfect combination
    When does Electric Heating become the Environmentalist's choice?