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Benefits of plug-in thermostats

Our range of plug-in thermostats offer significant benefits over traditional wired thermostats.

Diamond H WTS and Cotherm TSE/TSR Thermostats

Diamond H & Cotherm Thermostats

The main benefits include…

  • Easy to remove and replace thermostat due to plug-in design
  • Double pole isolation. Isolates Live and Neutral. This is a requirement for any pressurized cylinder under EN60335.
  • Guaranteed connection to elements with plug-in design
  • More robust termination for the installer, as it utilises standard screw termination, as opposed to grub screws which can easily become loose over time due to their smaller size and also not allowing a higher torque. Allows use of insulated fork/ring terminals.*
  • Higher accuracy than alternative wired in thermostats, due to capillary and memory metal designs**
  • Fire hazard caused by loose wiring is reduced, with zero factory wiring - no risk from manufacturing process and limited installer risk.
  • Easy to replace with different temperature rated thermostats i.e. high temperature cut out for thermal store applications.

*All terminals should be checked regularly to ensure a good connection
** WTS & TSR models only

plug-in stat

Fitting a Plug-in thermostat

Example shown: SH314A-AA1HA2 heater with Diamond H WTS thermostat

1. Remove cap from heater

heater & thermostat
heater & thermostat






2. Push thermostat into pocket, ensuring that the male tab terminals (on the underside of the thermostat head), push into the female tab terminals of the element

heater with thermostat