eCO Heat - Solar & Marine

eCOHeat – for Solar & Marine applications – We manufacture low energy immersion heaters from our eCOHeat range. These are supplied in 1kw and 2kw formats and are aimed at renewable and marine applications which require low wattage heating. Installation into Solar, Ground Source and Air Source heating systems caters for the lower energy being generated on site. This is also an ideal fit for domestic water applications on marine vessels where lower power consumption is a requirement.

Example of Applications

  • Solar
  • Domestic water applications on marine vessels


  • Run on surplus power generated by solar panels thus providing an alternative cost free water heating solution
  • Easy fitting replacements
  • Common to many vented and unvented cylinders
  • Removable 'pocket' thermostat to avoid drain down
  • eCo Heat technical data


    Incoloy 800


    1-2kW, Element Diameter: 8mm


    Head Thread Size: 1.75″, 2", 2,25" BSP

    Immersed Length: 11" (280mm), 14″ (355mm), 27" (685mm)

    Thermostat Length: 11″

    Temperature max

    70°C control, 80°C cutout


    240V 1-Phase


    Fixing devices


    Dual function removable thermostat with secondary protection

Product examples