Flexible Heating Elements

Flexible foil heaters provide precise, dependable and immediate heat transfer for many applications. Calesco provide group expertise on foil heating and our Swedish innovation center employs highly qualified engineers continuously working with new applications and materials. This allows us to find the optimal heating solution to meet your needs and produce it quickly. Our flexible heaters consist of an etched-foil laminated between one of our many flexible media.

Example of Applications

  • Automotive
  • Life science
  • Railway
  • Batteries
  • Comfort
  • Commercial equipment


  • Customised
  • Multiple circuits
  • Flexible
  • Even temperatures
  • Easy sensor location
  • Multiple voltages
Flexible Heating Elements - FRTP

FRTP - Fibre reinforced thermoplastic

  • Max width: 800mm
  • Power density: 0.1W/cm² (up to 0.7 immersed)
  • Voltage: up to 690V AC/DC 1~ or 3~
  • Features: stiff, extremely durable, superior impact resistance, water resistant, possible to laminate to pictures or metal parts


Flexible Heating Elements - Etched Foil

Etched Foil - Polyester, PVC, PEN, Silicone

  • Max width: 600-800mm
  • Power density: Polyester 3W/cm², PVC 0.1W/cm², PEN 4W/cm², Silicone 1.3W/cm²
  • Voltage: up to 230V AC/DC 1~ or 3~
  • Features: uniform heat output, long life product, even heat transmission, waterproof, very flexible

Flexible Heating Elements - MICA


  • Max width: 600mm
  • Power density: 15W/cm²
  • Voltage: up to 690V AC/DC 1~ or 3~
  • Features: sandwiched between layers of mica, can be assembled in open air, typically for radiators or heating panels


Flexible Heating Elements - Aluminium Foil

Aluminium Foil

  • Dimensions according to customer specification
  • Power density: 50-250W
  • Voltage: 110-240V
  • Features: low weight, self-adhesive, suitable for ceiling heaters


Other cables and fixings are available - please enquire.