Industrial Water Storage Heaters

The 2000 Series water heaters provide large quantities of stored water at balanced pressure, making them suitable for supplying sports clubs, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, nursing homes and leisure centres.

Unvented water heaters are connected directly onto the incoming cold water mains or pressure set, therefore they can be located virtually anywhere on site because they are not dependant on feed and expansion tanks.

Example of Applications

  • Sports clubs
  • Leisure centres
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes


  • Choice of location within the building(s)
  • Requires less space than a vented system i.e. no header tanks
  • Provides balanced water pressure at all outlets
  • Easy to install - less pipework
  • Less chance of contamination as the system is sealed
2000 Series Solar Water Heater

2000 Series Solar Water Heaters

The 2000 Series range has been enhanced by the addition of dedicated solar vessels to take advantage of renewable energy from the sun. The cylinders are available as single coil preheat, single coil with direct electric heating, or twin coil units for use with renewable and traditional primary heating sources.

The 2000 Series Solar range benefits from the use of high efficiency corrugated coil technology.

Features of the 2000 Series Solar:

  • Capacities from 450 to 3000 litres
  • Single coil solar preheat vessels
  • Single coil plus direct electric heating
  • Twin coil
  • High efficiency corrugated cells


  • Features of the 2000 Series
    • Capacities from 450 to 3000 litres
    • Hard wearing Plastisol outer skin
    • Non-corrosive duplex stainless steel water chamber, therefore no sacrificial anodes required
    • Low loss CFC/HCFC free foam insulation. Ozone depletion factor zero.
    • Expansion kit supplied
    • Secondary return fitted as standard
    • Indirect and direct units available
    • Individual immersion heaters from 6 to 54kW (multiple heaters available)
    • Control panels available, incorporating our latest smart digital controller
    • Stainless steel primary coil on indirect units
    • Working pressures of up to 6 bar g
    • Technical Data

      General notes:

      Material - inner container duplex stainless steel

      Outer casing - white plastisol

      Insulation - CFC free polyeurethane foam

      Heating Elements - corrosion resistant Incoloy

      Inlet pressure between 1 and 16 Bar

      Maximum working pressure 6 Bar

      Hydraulic test pressure 9.0 Bar

      Loose fittings:

      Expansion vessel + relief valve

      Pressure reducing valve + check valve

      Temperature and pressure relief valve

      2000 Series Unvented Water Heater diagram