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Our team of application engineers are trained to be able to consult with our customers in solving their heating challenges and to be able to provide technically and commercially competitive solutions to our customers. Add to this our centre of competence in Sweden and our ability to manufacture and install locally and you have access to a full project delivery team ready to support you.

Please see below examples of our Oil & Gas projects

Industrial Immersion Heater

Process Industry: Gas Production


Heater type:
Reactor Heater
84kW 415v
Gas Production

Application description: This project includes a pre-heat process for bulk chemicals which are then transferred into a reactor plant. Heatrod provided a large heater installed at the base of the reactor to the heat process.

Process Industry: Oil and Gas


Heater type: Flange Immersion
Rating: 30kW 415V
Process: Binary Distillation

Application description: The Binary Distollation trainer was one of four training skids provided to a college in Qatar as an addition to their state of the art student training facilities. The separation of liquid mixtures and recovery of the components typically involves the distillation process. Distillation and fractionation operations are found throughout the petroleum, petrochemical and numerous other industries. This trainer separates a methanal/water mixture in a see-through, bubble cap tray column. The trainer is equipped with industry-typical process measurement and control devices. The entire trainer is controlled from an Emmersion Delta V distributed control system (DCS). The main heat input to the distillation column is provided by a re-boiler liquid vessel at the bottom of the column. The bottom product (least volatile feed mixture component) is removed from the re-boiler at operator determined rates to achieve optimum distillation conditions. The heat input into the column is controlled to maintain desired distillate production rates and temperature distribution in the column to a maximum process temperature of 100OC.


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