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Our team of application engineers are trained to be able to consult with our customers in solving their heating challenges and to be able to provide technically and commercially competitive solutions to our customers. Add to this our centre of competence in Sweden and our ability to manufacture and install locally and you have access to a full project delivery team ready to support you.

Please see below examples of our Aerospace projects

Industrial Immersion Heater

Aero Engine Interference - Fit Heater


Heater Type
: Foil Heater
Rating: 750w 230v
Process: Interference Fit Heating

Application description: In conjunction with key customers in this market we have designed and produced a range of special purpose heaters which aim to meet the exacting requirements of the aerospace engine manufacturing industry. Our heaters are able to provide tightly controlled and focussed heat which delivers a prescribed level of expansion for the many interference fit joints which make up a typical turbine engine.

Aero/Defense Parts Cleaning


Heater type: Over-the-Side VAT Heater
Rating: 45kW 415V
Process: Cleaning Fluid Heating

Application description: This is a standard type of process heater which is design to accurately and efficiently heat up large open tanks of liquids.


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