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Since acquiring the Diamond H brand of electric thermostats and regulators in 2014, Nibe Element group have re-established production of the standard products whilst also investing in longer term product development. Heatrod are pleased to be able to offer these original parts within our product range.

Cylinder brands such as Albion, Range, Copperform, Aquastel, Stelflow and many more can all be fitted with our products. The CESTB-340 range of Domestic Immersion Heaters were designed by us and are manufactured to the original specifications only by us.

Depending on application our standard domestic immersion heater product range are branded Heatrod, Thermtec and SHEL and are designed for use in both unvented/vented and copper/stainless steel hot water cylinders, having different controls and settings dependent on application. Ranging from simple high temperature safety cut out to very specific operating temperature spectrums for Thermal Store applications we’ve got it covered.

eCOHeat – for Solar & Marine applications – We manufacture low energy immersion heaters from our eCOHeat range. These are supplied in 1kw and 2kw formats and are aimed at renewable and marine applications which require low wattage heating. Installation into Solar, Ground Source and Air Source heating systems caters for the lower energy being generated on site. This is also an ideal fit for many Marine applications where lower power consumption is a requirement. See these products in our online shop through the menu link or via the “buy now” link below.

We also provide a bespoke service for many styles of Immersion Heater so in the unlikely situation where we cannot reference a product to our standard and stock ranges we will make a unit to your requirements! – Either fill in the online enquiry form or speak to our sales team who have over 100 years of industry experience!

Energy Regulators 4xER & Electric Thermostats ET5x

The 40ER Series low profile energy regulators have been designed to meet the demands of modern cooking appliances where controls compartment space is limited.


EnergyRegulator- 4xER20Series

Diamond-H energy regulators are manufactured to a high performance specification with an ambient temperature rating of 125°C.

Typical applications are for both domestic and commercial cooking equipment and accessories such as knobs and dials are also available to complement the controls.


Thermostat – ET5x Series

Along with the 4xER energy regulator range, Heatrod can also supply the popular ET5x range of electric thermostats.

The ET50 Series low profile thermostats have been designed to meet the demands of modern cooking appliances where control compartment space is limited.

Thermostat – ET5x Series
Our standard temperature ranges are 45 – 320°C and 45 -110°C. Other temperature ranges can be supplied upon request.

Both 4xER and ET5x ranges of regulators and thermostats are manufactured to Diamond H original designs with all the existing approvals remain in place so that you can be assured these are the best quality original fit products that Diamond H customers have come to expect.

Please see PDF for further technical details and contact us if you would like to enquire about ordering parts.


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