Backer IoT Smart Controllers & Heaters

HRDc and HRDi - Smart Controllers for Temperature Applications

The Backer IoT Smart Temperature Controller range of products have been designed from the ground up with temperature control and our commitment to the environment at their heart. Control your heat requirements and energy usage wherever you are. From plant scada through to mobile maintenance and control, our smart range of temperature controllers are designed to offer the flexibility to fit into any environment and provide the maximum levels of control.

Electric Immersion Heating remains the most efficient solution to heating up most liquids and is a simple way to harness more environmentally friendly forms of renewable energy generation. In order to make more effective use of electricity, a smarter way to control our immersion heaters is key and with many years of application experience, the Backer Group has all the knowledge required to provide smart control.

Our digital temperature controllers are designed for both integrated heating applciations, built into our immersion heaters or as stand alone panel mounted independent controllers.

We think flexibility is key and for us this means the ability to connect multiple temperature sensors along with other auxilliary signals and to be able to control a variety of outputs from heating elements to pumps and fans.

As important as the hardware is the software and a deep knowledge of PID control along with features such as condition monitoring can all be configured and monitored with our extensive suite of software.

Device management is also a key principle in monitoring and controlling heating devices and our HRDc and HRDi controllers are designed with Internet of Things (IoT) at the heart of their ability. This will allow you to cluster your devices and manage them as part of a flexible device dashboard. This may be split by plant room, building, factory, even across your global asset base.

HRDi Digital Controller

Examples of applications

  • Process control
  • Building management
  • Staged heating control
  • Scheduled duty cycling
  • Remote monitoring and control

Core Features

  • Energy management
  • Condition monitoring
  • Integrated heating
  • Ultimate connectivity
  • Logic control
Immersion heaters & elements

The Backer IoT Smart Temperature Controller from Heatrod allows the user to actively control and monitor their heating systems, wherever they are. Giving accurate control of temperature and therefore energy usage.

Backer IoT Smart Immersion Heater HRDi

Coming Soon - The Backer IoT Smart Immersion Heater from Heatrod.


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