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Heatrod COVID-19 Update March 2020

Times are tough but we're still going!

It's clearly a difficult time for all businesses both in the UK and in many parts of the world at the moment.

We have taken lots of precautionary measures to try to make sure we can keep all our staff safe while still providing a level of service that allows our customers to continue with their operations. And we want to reassure our customers and suppliers that we are doing everything in our power to keep our production facility running.

We have introduced new, strict ways of working that allows our staff to stay a distance apart and we even have new break times to avoid each other as much as we can :-)

90%+ of our office staff are currently working from home which as we all know in modern times is relatively easy to achieve and allows us to stay effective.

Whilst we have sent certain production staff home in order to protect them and their families, we still retain a core of staff on the shop floor who are keeping everything moving and allowing us to despatch orders daily.

We have key customers who are classed as essential suppliers during this time so we know how important it is to keep the wheels of industry turning!!

We are also joining in with the national effort in providing products that will help during the pandemic including heating for hand washing stations and an initiative to provide steam boilers for home pre-ventilator kits.

We wish you all well in these challenging times and will continue to do what we can to help our customers to succeed.