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Storage Hot Water System for UK Wildlife Park

The first phase of this project, was designed to store and maintain 2500L of domestic hot water at 60°C for use in the bistro kitchen area of a major UK Wildlife Park. The second phase provided an additional 5000 litres of stored hot water for the new hotel extension.

Our 2000 Series water heaters provide large quantities of stored water at balanced pressure, making them suitable for supplying sport clubs, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, nursing homes and leisure centres. Unvented water heaters are connected directly onto the incoming cold water mains or pressure set, therefore they can be located virtually anywhere on site because they are not dependant on feed and expansion tanks.

Major Components:
6 x 1250 litres stainless steel unvented calorifiers fitted with a combination of 12 & 36Kw immersion heaters. Multi stage contactor control panels.

Technical data:

Capacity: 2 x 1250 litres
Rating: 72Kw 415V 3Ph per vessel
Construction: Stainless Steel

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