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Heating Solution

Braude working with a major UK energy supplier, to help resolve a pond water heating problem.

In conjunction with the client and the client’s delivery contractor, the Braude team have delivered a unique, but simple, heating solution.
The solution was designed, utilising a number of standard Braude immersion water heaters complete with their individual temperature controllers, allowing a phased input of heat to the water, depending on the heat demand. Where possible the design involved the use of the existing water containment structures and water circulation systems. This approached helped to maintain costs of the design and the costs of the installation to a minimum.

The project was delivered to time, budget and quality requirements, and continues to operate at the client’s site delivering the planned design outcome.
The outcome demonstrates the collaborative working practices of the Braude team, and their focus to meet their customer’s unique requirements.

Providing a heating capability to an existing large volume of water that was traditionally used for cooling.

Portable Radiant Heater proposed installation

Braude Control Panel

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