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Stab In Duct Heater

Industry: Automotive

Customer: Cosworth

Cosworth approached Heatrod to provide a solution for the heating element part of a mass air conditioning system for heat simulation in automotive engine testing.

The brief was to provide a replacement duct heater with a required duty of 36KW based on an existing sample provided by the customer. The heater had to be suitable to withstand a maximum operating temperature of 100°C.

Duct heater for use in Safe Area mass air conditioning system, used for heat simulation in automotive engine testing.

Maximum operating temperature of 100°C.

Technical Data:

36kW Stab In Duct Heater, 3 Phase

IP55, Safe Area

Material: Stainless Steel

Element Sheath: Incoloy 800

Immersed Length: 1524mm

36kW Stab In Duct Heater

Portable Radiant Heater proposed installation

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