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  • Electric Heating & Clean Energy - the perfect combination
    When does Electric Heating become the Environmentalist's choice?
    We're on the look out for a new member to join our business. Heatrod are part of the Swedish Nibe group and our continued growth is bringing exciting new positions to work with our team.
  • Heatrod acquires Ormandy Electric
    Salford based manufacturing company Heatrod Elements has acquired the operations of Ormandy Electric to add to its growing portfolio of heating based products and project capabilities.
  • Heatrod Elements’ Acquires Specialist Heating Company
    Salford based manufacturing company Heatrod Elements has acquired thermal process equipment specialists E. Braude Ltd (Braude).
  • Heatrod goes to Blackpool
    On the 10th July 2016 a committed team of cyclists from Heatrod Elements set off on a journey to raise money for The Christie.
  • Continuous Improvement at Heatrod
    This is a structured way to measure performance, capture and solve problems under the topics of SAFETY, QUALITY, COST, DELIVERY AND PEOPLE. Heatrod are active members of the Manufacturers Alliance and another member of the group, Packaging Automation in Knutsford have already implemented and seen huge benefits in adopting the SQCDP process.
  • Leading the march at Heatrod
    Heatrod Elements announces the success of its Team Leader Training Programme with five of its shop floor operators successfully moving into team leader positions with management responsibilities for production and warehouse areas.
  • Are you optimising your food and beverage production process?
    Heatrod Elements are a local UK manufacturer and like most producers in the UK we’re always looking at ways to improve our processes, become more environmentally friendly and reduce our energy costs. Heating technology is ubiquitous in the manufacturing environment and this is why we are passionate about improving our client’s processes.
  • Commercial Hot Water – Is my electric immersion heater up to the job?
    A common topic when it comes to hot water heating is commercial hot water. Many businesses have the need for plentiful instantaneous hot water on a commercial scale. Whether it’s in a restaurant packed with customers or perhaps a hair salon that’s gearing it’s customers up for the weekend these types of businesses have a constant and business critical need for hot water on demand.
  • How efficiently do you heat your products?
    In any process manufacturing business the ability to heat up your products accurately and efficiently is often key and always has a direct impact on the bottom line. Electric process heating can often provide the answer and is a compact and direct way to inject heat in a targeted way.

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