HRF Industrial Immersion

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The HRF Range of flanged immersion heaters are a bespoke product designed specifically to customer requirements. In most cases the heating elements are fully welded into the required flange plate. For certain applications where titanium elements are required mechanical compression fittings are used as an alternative. There are a variety of different control boxes available from Mild Steel powder coated to Stainless Steel 316 for more durable applications.

Industrial Immersion Heater

Key Features & Benefits

  • IP66 terminal cover.
  • Various sheath materials available (incoloy 800, 825, stainless steel, 321, 304 316, 309 & Titanium).
  • Various sheath diameters (8.0mm, 9.5mm, 10.9mm & 12.0mm).
  • External input available.
  • Standard & bespoke flanges available (PN, ANSI, BS)
  • Typical flange diameters 90-645mm.
  • Hysteresis control.
  • KW rating from 1KW-500KW, dependent on flange size.
  • Range of gasket materials.


Flange Industrial Immersion Heater
Flange Immersion Heater

HRF Range Industrial Immersion Heater - Heatrod offer various controls including mechanical temperature controls and also a fully digital standalone heater which displays the current heater settings for more accurate requirements.


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