Wind Energy

Info & Product Examples

Wind Energy is the fastest growing renewable energy source…

Wind energy has been in use throughout history, with rising needs for people now to cut green house gases. Major funding has been allocated for renewable energy sources, with wind energy being the fastest growing renewable energy source.

NIBE Wind Components wishes to make it easy for our potential customers, existing customers, and partners to get high quality solutions for a wide spectrum of heating related wind turbine applications.

NIBE Wind Components – Heating Equipment for Cold Climate – offers design, production, and supply of electric heating for the wind turbine industry.

Products: Customised or Standard

  • Air Nacelle Heater
  • Immersion Heater for Gearbox
  • Heating for Hydraulic Systems
  • Silicone Heaters
  • Heating Blankets
  • Dump Load Resistors
  • High Watt Heaters for Measuring Equipment
  • Load Resistors for Fast Control and Regulation
  • Temperature Sensors

All our equipment is approved according to international standards – CSA, UL

Typical Project Example:

Glycol Heaters

Our  glycol heaters are used for pre-heating of cooling water in the cooling/heating system for converters in wind turbines before start-up of the wind turbine.

Glycol Heater

Glycol heaters are delivered in various      materials and designs to meet customer    requirement.




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