Transport & Traction

Info & Product Examples

This sector demands a wide range of applications for which Heatrod can provide both standard and bespoke solutions. From resistive braking applications to passenger comfort, our products and services can cover many of the challenges presented within this industry sector. The traction retrofit market demands a high degree of flexibility and our design and manufacture services are ideally suited to this market.

Typical Rolling Stock applications for our products are:

Applications such as HVAC in rolling stock often have bespoke and higher performance demands due to the challenging environments posed in the locomotive sector. Extreme temperatures and continuous vibration create tough applications in which our products are already time proven.

  • Doors
  • Steps
  • Couplers
  • Floor Heating
  • Body Side Heating
  • Heating in Driver’s Cabins
  • Vestibule heating
  • Heating of waste water tanks
  • Heating of water pipes
  • Water heating
  • Lens heaters
  • Heating for windscreen wipers / washers
  • Driver cabin service

Typical Infrastructure applications for our products are:

During wintertime switch points might fail due to accumulation of snow and ice typically between the stockrail and the switch point blade. Our electrical heating element is designed specifically to solve these problems.

The flexible flat stainless steel element withstands the harsh environment associated with train traffic for instance corrosion problems and vibrations. The single ended connection is totally sealed to avoid any moisture problems.

The heating element is produced in various sizes, shapes, length, electrical compatibility, energy intensity, insulation grades and outer shield material. All depending on the actual local demands and conditions.

  • Unique vibration proof design
  • Long lifetime, proven records of 30 years+
  • More than 15.000 installations
  • Energy saving slim-line and flexible design
  • Standard or customized
  • Length up to 7.5 m
  • Power up to 1000 W/m
  • Voltage 48-240 V
  • Pre-bend to specific shape or do it on-site
  • Reduce safety malfunction, Dual insulation layers
  • Time Saving Installation, Easy clamp system