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As a high volume heater manufacturer we use a wide variety of Thermostat and associated control products. Typical designs include temperature sensing devices from simple ‘button’ or ‘disc’ style cut-outs to rod style devices with multi-function sensing and failsafe features. You’ll find various options at our online shop and if you have a specific requirements which needs advice don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our range of domestic immersion heaters come with various types of thermostats fitted as standard. The type of thermostat depends on the design of heater and the requirements of the application.

Our range of industrial immersion heaters come with or without thermostat depending on the application and our customer’s requirements.

Thermostats & Controls - Technical data

  • Disc type Thermostats
  • Button type Thermostats
  • Rod/Stem type Thermostats

Rod Thermostat

A typical product that we supply can be dual function which caters for a working temperature setting and a fail-safe cut-out temperature.

Dual Function Rod Thermostat

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Product code Length Inches/mm Temperature Buy online
RTS-3 181316 280mm 20degC to Tmax buy now
Shel SS7 7″ 60degC Preset buy now