Industrial Resistors

Info & Product Examples

Within the Nibe Element group we can offer a wide range of technologies for production of industrial resistors.

An advantage with industrial resistors from Nibe is that they can withstand high loads, since we use large diameter resistance wires which gives low resistance. The possibility to use water/liquid as cooling media enables high power resistance and we also offer large element diameters, which withstands high voltage.

All resistors are custom made, but our standard concept speeds up the development process.

Product examples:

  • Brake resistors
  • Power resistors
  • Load resistors
  • Shunt resistors
  • Water- / liquid cooled resistors

The elements are 100% tested for insulation and dielectric rigidity. Also, the elements are often built into protection cages to prevent contact with heated parts. Also, computerized load simulation is done to optimize each resistor application.

Terminal boxes with different IP class can be used. Numerous elements are often connected together, series and/or parallel, to achieve intended properties.
Ø 8,5mm alu-profile Ø 14mm alu-profile Ø 18mm Ø 21mm
Min. resistance/ element 0.12 ohm/m 0.06 ohm/m 1.6 ohm/m 1.5 ohm/m
Resistance tolerance ± 5% ± 5% ± 5% ± 5%
Dielectric strength 1.5 kV DC
1 min
4 kV DC
1 min
7 kV DC
1 min
9 kV DC
1 min
Length 300-6000 mm 300-6000 mm 300-1500 mm 300-1500 mm
Min. bending radius 12.5 mm 25 mm 40 mm 60 mm
Inductance 0.5-1 µH/element

Other resistors – a wide product range

Danotherm, a part of the Nibe Group, are experts on electric resistors and brake resistors. They are known world-wide for the qualified design and hi-quality production of resistors for e.g. electro mechanic-, wind power mill- and the tele-com industry.