Projects – Industrial Heating Solutions

Info & Product Examples

We define project sales as industrial heating solutions and load shedding solutions requiring products and services, that are offered and produced for a specific plant, that our customer has been assigned to design/build/retrofit.

These types of solutions are often in industry sectors such as process manufacturing, raw material refining , chemical and petro chemical industry, ship building and within the energy sector. Our products and solutions can be targeted at where:

  • There is a need for a complete heating solution and Heatrod is required to design, manufacture and solve the problem.
  • There exists a special environment or special conditions that demand a bespoke solution and expertise within the field of heating and temperature regulation.
  • A product/component requires design and manufacture for a specific project according to specification from our customer.

Either a combination of our standard products or a completely bespoke engineered product can be produced using a consultative sales approach. If you have a specific requirement that needs discussion or you have an enquiry which needs a response please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be pleased to help.

Some Examples:

Flow Modules for Heating of Air and Liquids Manufactured in materials and dimensions according to customer requirements.

Liquid Flow Heater

Can be built-up easily and mounted as required. Pressure, temperature levels and materials used will depend on the  specific project and application.

After installation, the  equipment is pressure tested according to specification.

Electrical Heater for Nitrogen

Built into a certified welded pressure tank with inlet and outlet flanges.

Raised  terminal box with built-in thermo couple.

Nitrogen Heater

Technical Data:

  • Output:                                        230,6kW
  • Voltage:                                        3×600
  • Operating temperature:           -35ºC to -15ºC
  • Operating pressure:                  13.5  bar
  • Casing:                                         IP 55

Further examples of electric process heating applications and technology such as Glycol Heaters, Gas Heaters, etc can be found in our Nibe Process Heating brochure which can be downloaded from this page.