Hybrid Vehicles

Info & Product Examples

The hybrid vehicles market is expanding rapidly with major players investing in cars, trains, buses & commercial transport.

The growing market in hybrid vehicles represents a strong market for Heatrod and the Nibe group, our combination of heating and resistance products make up an ideal scope of supply for typical applications in this sector.

The Hybrid Automotive market is witnessing a constant stream of new models of private cars and commercial vehicles that are able to run on alternative fuels. NIBE is playing its part in helping to improve the energy efficiency of these hybrid vehicles by developing new elements for pre-heating batteries and resistors that can make use of the energy generated when braking.


Products: Customised or Standard

  • Resistors (Brake, shunt, power, air & water cooled)
  • HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems for public transport)
  • Compartment Heaters (PTC elements, aluminium heater & flow through heaters
  • Engine Heaters (Engine pre-heaters, crankcase heaters & cast in elements)
  • Flexible Foil Heaters (Battery pack heaters, wing mirror heaters, windscreen wiper heaters & lens heaters)