Electrical Panel Heaters

Info & Product Examples

Heatrod Elements manufacture a range of panel heaters for electrical and control panel mounting applications. From simple environmental heating applications such as anti-condensation to more extreme requirements involving sub-zero ambient temperatures we have a range of both standard “off the shelf” solutions as well as the ability to design solutions specifically for your requirements.

Low cost solutions often use simple  smooth or finned  metal elements mounted in the base of a panel or mica and resistance wire based heaters.

Higher spec solutions often employ forced air (fan assisted) heating which passes cold air over a resistance heat source.

Fan Heaters 500W

This fan heater is suitable for electrical cabinets as an anti-condensation heater.

This is a highly robust heater, which is designed for electrical or control panel heating applications in extreme conditions such as for the wind turbine industry.




  • 35mm DIN rail mounting.
  • It has a power density of 500W.
  • Thermostat NC 0-60°C – LSTER1
  • Hygrothermostat 0-60°C 30-90%RH – LSHYG
  • Features Unit 500W
  • Heating Capacity W 500
  • Power supply V/Hz 230/50-60
  • Max. current A 2.4
  • Heating element type – Resistor
  • Thermal protection – Thermal cut out fuse in case of fan failure
  • Radiator – Extruded aluminium profile, anodized
  • Axial fan – Ball bearing, service life 50.000 hrs at 25°C (77°F), air flow rate 35 m³/h, free flow
  • Signalling – Green LED power ON
  • Electrical connections – 2 screw terminals for stranded or rigid wire 2.5 mm²
  • Protection class IEC – Class I, earthed
  • Protection degree EN60529 – IP20
  • Operating temperature °C (°F) -40/+70 (-13/+158)
  • Stocking temperature °C (°F) -40/+70 (-13/+158)
  • Mounting – Clip for mounting on DIN rail 35 mm EN50022
  • Installation position – Best performance with vertical installation
  • Dimensions HxWxD mm 210x112x82
  • Weight kg 1.6
  • Conformity – CE