Digital Industrial Immersion Heaters

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Heatrod’s range of industrial immersion heaters are known throughout the industrial community as robust, market leading products. Our proven range of products are used within a vast range of industrial heating applications and are designed to be easy to select and fit. We recognise that industrial applications require a high level of reliability and availability is key for this environment.

Applications in industrial and commercial environments often require a more accurate form of control which is why Heatrod have introduced a new range of digitally controlled immersion heaters. The HRD range of digital industrial immersion heaters are designed so the user can select a specific temperature requirement and be confident that their process will be heated in the most accurate way.

With digitally adjustable operating temperature, settings such as hysteresis control and both electronic (adjustable) and mechanical safety cut outs this unit is specifically designed for the more demanding applications required in industry. The HRD also incorporates various alarms such as no liquid detected, no heating detected, and sensor failure. This lets the user know if there tank is empty or if the heater or sensor is not working correctly.

Coupled with more accurate on-board settings the HRD digital immersion can also be supplied with a volt-free contact for external control via external systems such as a process control system.

Customers can choose from our standard range of units which are detailed here and at our online shop. Alternatively if you have a bespoke requirement please don’t hesitate to either fill in our dedicated Immersion Heater enquiry form which is designed to lead through a set of requirements, or fill in our general enquiry form or just give us a call!

Heatrod HRD Range Digital Industrial Immersion Heaters

This product is designed to be heavy duty with flexibility in mind for easy installation into multiple industrial liquid heating applications. The terminal box is proven for ease of wiring and flexible for access in all types of locations. The digital controller can be programmed and wired for both single or 3-phase operation. The product has a wide temperature range aimed at industrial environments. Along with the standard incoloy sheath we also manufacture using different levels of element sheath protection depending on the environment which the heater is being installed into.

Download PDF for the Installation & Service Manual for the HRD Industrial Immersion Heater

Heatrod HRD Digital Industrial Immersion Heater
Material Incoloy 800 Sheath Material (for other materials please contact us)
Incoloy thermostat pocket
Heavy duty brass head
Design IP55 robust rotatable enclosure
Voltage 415V 3-Phase, 240V 1-Phase
Control Digital with or without external control input
Others Alternative mounting options available
  • Heavy Duty
  • Highly accurate digital control
  • Hysteresis control
  • Flexible fitting options
  • Flexible wiring options (single or 3-phase)
  • Flexible operational features (manual/fixed heat settings)
  • Standard or Bespoke products
  • Electronic & Manual cut-out
  • Adjustable electronic cut-out
  • Interchangeable manual cut-out (75, 95, 110, 220°C)
  • External Control
  • User can physically see if there liquid/medium is being heated


Fields of application
  • Oil Heating
  • Brewing
  • Wine Making
  • General Process Heating
  • Medium/Large scale water heating
  • Water Calorfiers (Ideal for use on boats where the water is heated from the engine and standard heater controls cannot handle the high temperatures produced)
  • Milking & Dairy Systems
  • Sterilizers & Washers
  • Engine Pre-Heating


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Product Code Loading (kW) Voltage (V) Phase Connection Immersed Length (in/mm) Element Diameter (mm) No. of Elements Watts Density (W/cm²) Buy online
HRD311** 3 240/415 1/3 11/280 8 3 8.5 buy now
HRD616** 6 240/415 1/3 16/406 8 3 11 buy now
HRD624** 6 240/415 1/3 24/610 8 3 7 buy now
HRD636** 6 240/415 1/3 36/914 8 3 4.6 buy now
HRD916** 9 415 3 16/406 8 3 16.5 buy now
HRD924** 9 415 3 24/610 8 3 10.5 buy now
HRD936** 9 415 3 36/914 11 3 5.2 buy now
HRD1236** 12 415 3 36/914 11 3 6.9 buy now
Add Suffix Thread Size (BSP)
A 2 1/4″
B 2″
C 1 3/4″
Add Suffix Temperature Range (°C) Mechanical Cut-out Temperature (°C)
A 0-70 75
B 0-85 90
C 0-105 110
D 0-215 220

** Choose thread size and temperature range on the Buy Now page.
For example a 2 1/4″ BSP 6kW 24″ Immersion Heater with 0-105°C temperature range and a 110°C cut-out would become HRD624AC.