Catering and Vending – Tubular Heating

Info & Product Examples

Many of our catering and vending machine tubular heating elements are supplied directly to OEM manufacturers as well as spares suppliers within the catering and vending machine market.

Our design and manufacturing services allow us to produce product specific elements for all OEM and after market requirements.

We manufacture tubular air heating elements for use in many different appliances ith the catering and vending market, such as electrical water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines, boilers, coffee machines, fryers, industrial baths and oil filled radiators.

The tubular heating element is the most frequent alternative for liquid heating. We manage a large number of production techniques, giving a choice within a wide range of element types. An optimal heat solution of an application is decided by user environment and operating temperature. We can produce elements with operating temperatures of as much as 900°C.

Catering & Vending - Technical data

This is a highly diverse product segment where product specifications are generally designed in conjunction with our customers.

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