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With aluminium heating elements you take advantage of the excellent heat conducting properties of aluminium and thus get a fast and uniform heat along the aluminium profile.

Designed to overcome all drawbacks of traditional heating systems. Our aluminium heating elements guarantee noiseless operation, perfect running and optimal efficiency. On our x-profile product the large finned surface allows 86% of the heat to be conveyed through convection quickly and uniformly. This allows the heater to move a considerable air volume at low temperature when assembled correctly into appliances. We can advise on the correct assembly fittings which allow an expansion of ca 1% of the length and a max temperature of 350°C.

Aluminium Heating Elements

Other options include special aluminium profiles. These products can be designed specifically to fit the aesthetics required for particular comfort heating applications or products from our standard range can be selected.


Air Heating - Technical Data

Maximum allowed working temperature is 350 °C which corresponds to approx. 15W/cm specific power at natural convection depending on the profile design. The aluminium profile element can have electrical connection at one or both ends of the element.

Element correctly geometric located and with correct assembling device where consideration is taken to an expansion of ca 1% of the length and a max temperature of 350° create conditions for an optimum heating solution.


Material Aluminium
Attachment Fixing in the object
Connections M4, flat pin, spot welded cable, round pin 2,5 mm
Application One alt. two wattage ratings/element
Connection at one or two ends
X- alt. I-profile
Element for convection
Element for radiation
Anodized elements
Painted elements
Elements with surface enlargement


Backer has a standard range of aluminium element, but most of our products are manufactured according to customer specification or developed together with our customers.


Aluminium elements for conduction
Model Diam Max. W/length
I-80 Ø 8,5 15 W/cm
I-100 Ø 8,5 15 W/cm
X-51×71 Ø 8,5 20 W/cm
X-65×84 Ø 8,5 25 W/cm
X-67×89 Ø 8,5 30 W/cm
Material Aluminium
Cables or tab terminals acc. to customer desire.
Different types of gilles performance
Design One or two end connection
Voltage 230V, 400V
Optional Fixing devices
Others Maximum working temperature on element surface 350°C
When assemble, allow an expansion of ca. 1% of the element length
  • Low tool cost by new production techniques
  • Low density = weight saving
  • High degree of corrosion-resistance
  • Effective conduction of heat
  • Long lasting product
Fields of application
  • Roof Heating
  • Marine Heating
  • HVAC
  • Radiators
  • Radiators for trains

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