Industrial Solutions

Hybrid Vehicles

Hyrbid Bus

The hybrid vehicles market is expanding rapidly with major players investing in cars, trains, buses & commercial transport. The growing market in hybrid vehicles represents a strong market for Heatrod and the Nibe group, our combination of heating and resistance … View product

Projects – Industrial Heating Solutions

Industrial Duct Heating 1

We define project sales as heating solutions requiring projects and services, that are offered and produced for a specific plant, that our customer has been assigned to design/build/retrofit.

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Wind Energy

Wind Turbine

The solar and renewables market, in our experience, demands a high level of ancilliary electrical components. The range of applications that our products are used for in the market are vast and range from heating of lithium batteries in electric transport to resistive braking for large wind turbines.

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Cruise Liner

Heatrod and the wider group companies offer a wide range of products and solutions into the marine sector. Often marine applications demand very specific flexibility in order for heating products to fit into and be concealed within their designs. Our experience and range of solutions allow a consultative approach into this market sector.

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Transport & Traction

Switch Point Heating

This sector demands a wide range of applications for which Heatrod can provide both standard and bespoke solutions. From resistive braking applications to passenger comfort, our products and services can cover many of the challenges presented within this industry sector.

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