NIBE Industrier comprises 3 business areas, each with its own operational management responsible for financial performance. Financing, currency management, take-overs, start-ups, financial control, human resources and other policy issues are dealt with at Group level. The parent company NIBE Industrier AB (registered office in Markaryd, Sweden) has been quoted on the Stockholm Stock Exchange’s list since1997.

NIBE Element is the market leader in Europe and a leading international manufacturer of components and systems for electric heating applications. Customers are industrial users and components users.

NIBE Energy Systems is the market leader for domestic heating products in the Nordic countries and Poland. Customers are the RMI sector (Renovation, Maintenance, Improvement) and the new housing market.

NIBE Stoves is the market leader in wood-burning stoves in Sweden. Customers are private homeowners in

Backer Elektro-Värme

Backer Elektro-Värme AB in Sösdala was founded in 1949. The products of Backer can be derived from the technical principle that Christian Backer took out a patent for in the year 1921. The company was started together with Mr Nils Bernerup, the founder of NIBE-Verken in Markaryd.

The technical principle is based on a resistance wire that is positioned in the centre of a tube. The space between the wire and the tube is filled with magnesium oxyde. The element tube with the magnesium oxyde is then compressed and sealed.

The unique ability of the magnesium oxyde as conductor of heat and at the same time a very good electric insulator is the main principle for the technology of the tubular heating element.