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  Below we have gathered company and product information from our parent group for downloading as pdf-files. (Opens in a new window)
Please observe, that not all products are available on pdf-document.

>> Brochures

  Company Profile Brochure Download
New! Domestic Heating – Air Download
New! Components for Heat Pumps Download
  Anti-Condensation Heaters Download

>> Tubular heating elements

  1.01.00 Tubular heating elements for liquid: general information Download
  1.01.01 Data sheet: Tubular heating elements insulation class II Download
  1.01.02 Data sheet: Immersion heater with galvanic insulated elements Download
  1.01.03 Data sheet: Tubular heating elements insualtion class I Download
Updated! 1.01.04 Data sheet: Immersion heater with electronic control Download
  1.02.00 Tubular air heating elements: general information Download
  1.02.01 Data sheet: Fin strip elements Download
  1.02.02 Data sheet: Finned elements Download
  1.03.00 Cast-in elements: general information Download
  1.04.00 Tubular elements for defrosting: generell information Download
New! 1.04.01 Data sheet: Tubular element for absorption refrigerator Download
  1.05.00 Flow-through heaters: general information Download
Updated! 1.05.01 Data sheet: BFU, Backer Flow heater Unit Download
  1.05.03 Data sheet: Flow heater in aluminium Download
New! 1.05.04 Data sheet: Flow heater for dish washer Download
  1.06.00 Aluminium elements: general information Download
  1.06.01 Data sheet: Aluminium elements for convection Download
New! 1.06.04 Data sheet: Radiation  alu element P2010 Download
  1.07.00 Steam generator: general information Download
  1.07.01 Data sheet: Steam generator Download
  1.08.00 Cartridge heater: general information Download
  1.09.00 Ignition elemetns: general information Download
  1.09.01 Data sheet: Barbeque lighter Download
  1.10.00 Resistors: general information Download

>> Printed elements

  2.01.00 Foil elements/flexible elements: general information Download
  2.01.01 Data sheet: Aluminium foil element Download
  2.02.00 Thick film elements: general information Download

>> PTC elements

  3.01.00 PTC elements: general information Download
  3.01.02 Data sheet: PTC element 12 mm Download
  3.01.03 Data sheet: PTC B34-96-3 Download
  3.01.04 Data sheet: PTC B46-96-3 Download
  3.01.05 Data sheet: PTC B46-96-4 Download
  3.01.06 Data sheet: PTC B46-148-3 Download
  3.01.07 Data sheet: PTC B46-148-4 Download
  3.01.08 Data sheet: PTC B80-96-5 Download
New! 3.01.12 Data sheet. PTC B90-96-5 Download

>> Suspended wire elements

  4.01.00 Ceramic elements: general information Download
  4.02.00 Over the side immersion heaters: general information Download
  4.02.01 Data sheet: Submersible oil heater Download
  4.03.00 Ring- and band heaters: general information Download
  4.04.00 Suspended wire elements: general information Download

>> Supported wire elements

  5.01.01 Data sheet: Micanite elements Download

>> Heating cables

  6.01.00 Heating cables: general information Download

>> IR- and halogen elements

  7.01.00 IR- och halogen elements: general information Download
  7.01.01 Data sheet: IR heater quartz glass Download
  7.01.02 Data sheet: Fin strip element for IR radiators Download

>> Temperature regulation and accessories

  8.01.00 Thermostats and thermal cut-offs: general information Download
  8.01.01 Data sheet: Thermostats and manually resettable thermal cut-offs Download
  8.01.02 Data sheet: Mounted thermal fuse Download
  8.01.02 page. 2 – drawing Download
  8.02.00 Regulators and sensors: general information Download
  8.03.00 Terminal boxes: general informationormation Download
  8.03.01 Data sheet: Terminal box K31A Download
Updated! 8.03.02 Data sheet: Terminal box K31E Download
  8.04.00 Control systems: general information Download
  8.05.00 Cables: general information Download

>> Special

  9.01.00 Heat exchangers: general information Download
  9.02.00 Welded tubes: general information Download
  9.03.00 Cabinet heaters: general information Download
  9.03.01 Data sheet: Cabinet heater Download
New! 9.04.01 Data sheet: Oven lighting solutions Download